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Dunlop is one of the most iconic and recognisable tyre brands in the world, with an unbroken history going back over 120 years.


Dunlop Tyres SA 14/08/2013

Tyres are one of those products that people often take for granted, until something goes awry and then it becomes an urgent priority. Tyre care also isn't the most exciting of topics but Dunlop has changed that perception with their new range of fun, animated tyre care video clips available on YouTube.

As part of the innovative digital drive currently being rolled-out by Dunlop in the form of Facebook and Twitter platforms and Smartzone motoring apps; Dunlop has also undertaken the development of the animated tyre care clips to promote education and safety in a manner that can be easily understood by a diverse


Currently playlisted on their YouTube channel under Dunlop Tyres SA, the vibrant and contemporary clips have an easy-going retro appeal and are sure to be an instant hit with viewers. The clips work their way through some of the more basic tyre guidelines detailing the reasons why tyres should be balanced, aligned and rotated regularly, as well as explaining tread depth indicators, sidewall markings and the dangers of incorrect inflation.

Even if you're not in the market for a new set of tyres just yet, or don't have any issues with your tyres, make sure to check out the clips for a bit of fun and insight. These valuable tips will be sure to save you money down the line.

Check out the "tyre tips" playlist under the YouTube channel

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2013


Dunlop Tyres SA 07/08/2013

DAC is a partnership between the eThekwini Municipality and the automotive industry in KZN. DAC was established in January 2002 with the primary purpose of developing the competitiveness of the KZN automotive industry and its member companies represent over 90% of all automotive manufacturing activity in KZN.

Four strategic focus areas are identified by DAC as being core to attaining the growth aspirations of the KZN automotive industry. These include:

  • Market & Technology Access: Access to increased scale of production, product and process technology
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Competitive operating efficiencies
  • Skills Development: Competitive skills
  • Infrastructure & Materials: Competitively priced input materials, and enabling infrastructure

Apollo Tyres is thrilled to accept this award, which highlights the company’s dedication and commitment to continued development in the tyre manufacturing sector as well as good ethical business practices.

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2013


Dunlop Tyres SA 01/08/2013

Following the successful introduction of the Apollo 4G tyre range in Amsterdam in May 2013, the new Apollo Aspire 4G tyre has been launched into the South African market.

Designed at Apollo Vredestein’s Research & Development laboratory in The Netherlands, this 4th generation tyre from Apollo Tyres Limited is part of an advanced range of superior technology passenger vehicle tyres, across all segments, and is ideally suited for the modern motorist.

Aspire 4G is a high performance tyre with a W/Y speed rating. The asymmetric design is available in 16" - 18" and is marked for vehicles in the premium and luxury segment.

Apollo Aspire 4G’s minimalistic design caters for superior handling in wet and dry conditions and shorter braking distance and low noise. The wide outer shoulder with narrow intermediate grooves leads to better contact for dry handling. Three wide circumferential grooves reduce aquaplaning and heighten grip in wet conditions. The centre rib, which is optimised for stiffness, lends to higher steering precision.

The Aspire 4G responds easily and precisely to any unexpected steering corrections, providing maximum driving safety, especially through the optimised contour and a wider contact surface. The unique mix of raw materials ensures maximum traction and shorter braking distances on wet and dry surfaces.

In addition to being tested on global test tracks, the 4G range has also been tested in many international markets for everyday usage by participating motoring consumers. The Aspire 4G boasts a contemporary design with best in class performance and is endorsed by some of the world’s leading test agencies.

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2013