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Dunlop is one of the most iconic and recognisable tyre brands in the world, with an unbroken history going back over 120 years.


Dunlop Tyres SA 10/04/2013

Dunlop Tyres is excited to announce that the company is now a proud member of the Springbok Supporters Club.

It is a well known fact that South Africans are rugby mad. The famous green and gold uniforms imbue national pride and patriotism from South Africans of all walks of life when our team competes at local or international stadiums around the world.

With a fan following of close to ten million in a population of 44 million and a national team that competes with and beats some of the best teams from around the world, it comes as no surprise that Dunlop throws its full support and commitment into the dynamic and exhilarating world of competitive rugby.

Dunlop is an easily recognised and well entrenched South African company, having operated a factory out of Durban since 1935; and providing the country with a range of passenger, light truck, truck and bus, 4x4 and agricultural tyres for over 60 decades.

The Dunlop team extremely proud of our national squad and believe that Dunlop and the Springboks are well aligned, as both bring the South African audience a high performance, top quality, durable product that can compete with the world’s best global brands and all from home-grown soil.

Dunlop looks forward to future involvement and endeavours associated with rugby and the Springbok Supporters Club.

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2013


Dunlop Tyres SA 08/04/2013

In an effort to create awareness about breast cancer and support the services provided by the Breast Health Foundation, Dunlop recently fitted tyres to one of the foundation’s service vehicles. In addition, Dunlop has pledged support to the BHF’s Mobile Education units in the form of top-quality tyre fitment.

In October 2012, South Africans reeled as the iconic Dunlop yellow and black branding turned to pink and people watched as Dunlop Zones around the country ‘pinked up’ their stores. As a result of the campaign, Apollo Tyres was able to donate R258 000 to the Breast Health Foundation.

The Breast Health Foundation, where the majority of staff and volunteers are breast cancer survivors themselves, strives to put an end to the silent suffering of patients, many of whom feel helpless and alone.

The Bosom Buddies project, comprising of mostly volunteers, was created as a project of the Breast Health Foundation to promote a positive mindset, recovery and quality of life for the patient, which includes creating awareness, providing access to information, support and counseling for those diagnosed with the disease and undergoing treatment.

Early diagnosis is crucial for increasing a person’s chance of survival. Breast cancer screening in the form of self examinations and mammograms are excellent techniques for early detection.

The Bosom Buddie volunteers provide much-needed emotional and informative support from the point of diagnosis and during treatment not only to the patients but to their families as well.

In addition, the Breast Health Foundation has several Mobile Breast Education units that travel into communities in order to educate women who would otherwise not have been made aware of these lifesaving facts.

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2013


Dunlop Tyres SA 03/04/2013

The Dunlop brand was reintroduced into the Nigerian market on March 19th 2013 by the Chief Executive Officer of Apollo Tyres South Africa, Mr. Riaz Haffejee in conjunction with Nigerian industry giant – Somotex who will act as Apollo Tyres’ distributor in the country. The event was attended by stakeholders in the transport industry.

Mr. Haffejee said the brand was given to Somotex on the strength of the company’s experience, and extensive network of distribution channels.

“We are fully committed to supporting Somotex in re-building the Dunlop brand in Nigeria and you can count on us when it comes to putting our full weight behind it. As you can see, Dunlop tyres coming into the market are backed with a warranty. This is a sure sign of our commitment to the brand internationally and we shall always keep our word. Our plan is to continually ensure that Nigeria’s iconic brand – Dunlop - is back on the wheels on Nigeria roads, ensuring safety, better performance and above all value for money,” he said.

The Managing Director of Somotex in Nigeria, Mr. Anil Mohinani stated that Somotex Nigeria Limited, a part of the Multinational Mohinani group is ready to re-position the brand back at the top of the Nigerian tyre market. Somotex will roll out the Dunlop brand into the Nigerian market through Somotex’s vast distribution network.

The Dunlop brand of tyres is produced at plants in South Africa using the latest technology in the industry and the best of designs that is in line with the new generation of cars, buses and trucks from the automotive industry, many of which are prescribed Original Equipment (OE), by global vehicle manufacturers.

Apollo Tyres South Africa envisages extending its international footprint throughout Africa and Latin America in the next few years as part of its tactical business strategy to grow its market presence.

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2013