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Dunlop is one of the most iconic and recognisable tyre brands in the world, with an unbroken history going back over 120 years.


Dunlop Tyres SA 17/10/2013

In an effort to raise funds and create awareness about breast cancer, Dunlop and Dunlop Zones countrywide, have pledged to donate at least R200,000 to the Breast Health Foundation over the month of October.

Last year, the company was thrilled to donate R258,000 to the foundation following Dunlop’s October Breast Health Awareness Drive in support of the charity. Dunlop has also supported the BHF through efforts like the ‘Spin & Win’ competition at its Top Gear stand in Durban this year.

Once again Dunlop is going PINK to support this initiative, but with a few changes – including the opportunity for consumers to donate to the foundation directly and win great prizes. From September 25th every Dunlop tyre purchased through a participating Dunlop Zone will qualify for a raffle ticket towards an array of prizes. Furthermore, consumers will have the option of donating R5 for additional raffle tickets bought in-store, the proceeds of which will go directly to the Breast Health Foundation.

The Dunlop Zone stores and staff will PINK UP to help raise awareness for this campaign and drive donations for the BHF. Check out the Dunlop website and follow our Social Media platforms for more information.

First started in 2002, the Breast Health Foundation, where the majority of staff and volunteers are breast cancer survivors themselves, strives to put an end to the silent suffering of patients. It is their mission to make a difference through their multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer through the Breast Cancer Chain of Survival that includes: creating awareness, providing access to information, support and counseling for those diagnosed with the disease and undergoing treatment, diagnostic intervention and ongoing analysis of care.

The Bosom Buddies project was created to promote a positive mindset, recovery and quality of life for the patient. In addition, the Breast Health Foundation has several mobile breast education units, sponsored with Dunlop tyres, who travel into disadvantaged communities in order to educate women who would otherwise not have been made aware of these lifesaving facts.

So if you’re in the market for tyres, make sure that you choose a brand that you can trust, from a dealer network that offers service excellence through competitive pricing and expert advice while also supporting this worthy cause. We have all experienced the struggle of those affected by cancer – be it family, friends, work colleagues or even ourselves.

For more information on this campaign and to find your closest Dunlop Zone, visit: or call toll free at: 0800 335 722 or engage with us and the brand fans on our Social Media network: Facebook - Dunlop Tyres SA, Twitter - @JohnBoydSA, YouTube – DunlopTyresSA and LinkedIn – Dunlop Tyres SA. Alternatively, you can visit the Breast Health Foundation’s website:

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Dunlop Tyres SA 10/10/2013

With the sudden spate of tragic road accidents coupled with the recent wet weather conditions in the country, leading tyre manufacturer, Apollo Tyres South Africa (Pty) Ltd (ATSA), who represents the Dunlop brand, would like to appeal to the public to adopt safe tyre practices and responsible driving techniques.

ATSA warns that a combination of smooth tyres and high speeds can result in a complete loss of adhesion to the road’s surface, causing aqua-planning, with possible tragic consequences, particularly in the weather conditions seen over the past few days.

Motorists should remember, even with new or barely worn tyres, to reduce their speed in the wet and increase their following distance behind the car in front. This is particularly valid after a long dry spell when rubber crumb, diesel fuel and oil, together with industrial fall-out absorbed by the tar, will rise to the road’s surface to form a slippery film before it is washed away.

The dangerous practice of regrooving tyres, which consists of cutting a pattern into the tread, deeper than the original tread, in order to extend tyre life should be avoided at all costs. Regrooving the tyre has the effect of exposing the tyre casing, breakers or belts, which can cause the tyre to fail, running the high risk of causing a major traffic accident.

The South African Road Traffic Act prohibits the use of a tyre, which is so worn or damaged that the cord or fabric used in its construction is exposed. The Act also states that the tyre tread should be clearly visible and must be at least one-millimetre deep around the entire circumference of the tyre. This minimum tread depth (MTD) legislation aims to protect the motoring public and pedestrians from the dangers of badly worn, smooth or near smooth tyres, especially in the wet.

It is the tyre’s tread that displaces water to provide the grip on the road. Smooth tyres’ wet road grip decreases dramatically as speed increases. The stopping distance required will also increase as the tread pattern wears down. At 120km/hour, under wet weather conditions, the road grip of a new tyre can drop to 80% while that of an almost smooth tyre plummets to 10%. Also, with new tyres the stopping distance at normal city speeds on a wet road is about 17 metres. At a recommended 3mm tread depth this stopping distance increases to 20 metres and at 1,6mm, still above the current minimum tread depth, the stopping distance is almost 32 metres, which is the length of eight cars.

In an effort to promote tyre safety and keep the public informed of best practice methods, ATSA has developed a series of innovative tyre care video clips aimed at promoting education and safety in a manner that can be easily understood by a diverse audience.

Currently playlisted on the YouTube channel under Dunlop Tyres SA, the vibrant and contemporary clips have an easy-going retro appeal. The clips work their way through some of the basic tyre guidelines detailing the reasons why tyres should be balanced, aligned and rotated regularly, as well as explaining tread depth indicators, sidewall markings and the dangers of incorrect inflation.

Check out the "tyre tips" playlist under the YouTube channel Dunlop Tyres SA, or follow this link:

So, when travelling this summer, especially in rainy conditions, ensure that you have a safe and legal tread depth on your tyres and keep a good following distance - after all, it could mean the difference between life and death.

Check out the "tyre tips" playlist under the YouTube channel

Download the "tyre tips" pdf

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