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Shoulder Wear

Under Inflation

Insufficient air in a tyre shifts the weight carried by the tyre to the edges of the tread causing the shoulders to wear more than the centre.


  • Inflate to the car manufacturer’s recommendations. Refer to the owner’s manual, or decal in the glove box, petrol flap or door jam.
  • Rotate tyres.
  • Replace badly worn tyres.

Suspension Misalignment

Often caused by worn or damaged parts.


  • Inspect suspension and repair.
  • Check and adjust wheel alignment after repairs.
  • Replace badly worn tyres.

Incorrect Wheel Alignment

This prevents the tyre from following the natural line of travel creating side forces which ‘wipe across’ the tread causing rapid and uneven wear.


  • Check and adjust wheel alignment.
  • Replace badly worn tyres.

Hard Driving

Especially on winding or curving roads.


  • Change your driving habits
  • Rotate tyres
  • Replace badly worn tyres.