Tyre Care

Prolong the life of your tyres by taking certain measures to ensure they wear evenly.

Tyre Wear

Tyre wear reveals a great deal about the way it has been maintained, as well as indicating possible mechanical problems with the car. Learning to recognize these problems early will save a great deal of trouble and money

Regular monthly inspection

Regular monthly inspection of your tyres will increase the chance of spotting any alignment or mechanical wear early, so small problems can be resolved before they become costly.

Always keep your tyres inflated

Always keep your tyres inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications which you will find in your owner’s handbook. Don’t forget to inflate and check the spare.

Constant inflating a tyre

If you are inflating a tyre more often than usual then it might well have a slow puncture. This could be caused by a nail or a sharp stone lodged in the tyre or a leaking valve. Have it checked by a tyre dealer.

Regular tyre rotation

Have your tyres rotated at least every 8,000km.