When to replace a tyre!

Take note of Tread Wear Indicators (TWI):

  • In the radial grooves of the tyres tread, are little humps. These humps are known as Tread Wear Indicators (TWI).
  • The location of these humps are commonly indicated on the tyre by either a little arrow or TWI.
  • The Tread Wear Indicator is approximately 1.6mm high.
  • The reason the tread wear indicators are present on the tread, is to notify the driver of the vehicle that their tyres are due for replacement.
  • Once the tread wear indicator is flush with the remaining tread, not only is the tyre due for replacement, but is also dangerously low for required vehicle control in wet conditions.
  • With low remaining tread depth, your stopping distance in wet conditions increases, and the water clearance is drastically reduced.
  • This is a very important safety feature built into the tyre to notify you when the tyre should be replaced.