What causes irregular tyre wear?

There are a variety of different types of tyre wear. The below details look to address some causes of the most common types of tyre wear:

Wear pattern on tyre Possible cause
Radial wear along one side of tyre. Incorrect alignment.
Scattered wear along various spots of tyre tread. Tyre could be out of balance.
Radial wear along crown section of tyre. Signs of over inflation.
Radial wear along both shoulders of tyre. Signs of under inflation.
Diagonal wear along tyre tread Possible worn out suspension components.

When a tyre has irregular wear, it generally arises due to another underlying issue as mentioned above, therefore, it is highly recommended to take your vehicle into your nearest Dunlop dealer, to have your tyres checked out, such that you could limit further damage to your tyres.

Remember: A tyres wear is an indication of the conditions that a tyre is exposed to.