How to repair a puncture?

Do you have a puncture? Experienced loss of tyre pressure? Follow these guidelines for some assistance:

Where possible please ensure that you have an APPROVED DUNLOP DEALER inspect the tyre, to determine if it is repairable, and if so, then request that they do the necessary repair.

If you are stranded with a puncture repair kit available, you can take the following steps to repair the tyre yourself. However, please note that it is temporary and must be taken to a tyre shop for further assessment or replacement.

  • Ensure your vehicle is secured, thereafter use a jack on the vehicle and remove the damaged tyre.
  • Locate the puncture.
  • Remove the foreign object by using the pliers available.
  • Clear out the puncture hole by inserting the reamer tool smeared with lubricant supplied into the puncture hole.
  • Tread the repair cord through the eye of the insertion tool, also with lubricant on the insertion tool.
  • Then push insertion tool with repair cord through the punctured hole until a small bit remains protruding from the tyre.
  • In one swift motion, pull out the insertion tool.
  • Inflate your tyre to specified pressure and you’re all done.

Did you know that not all tyres can have a puncture repair done?

Tyres that can’t have a puncture repair done to it, is known as a Run On Flat (ROF) tyre.