10 Easy steps on how to change a tyre:

Step 1

As soon as you have noticed that you have a flat tyre caused by a damage, you will need to pull over from the road at the nearest safest spot.

Step 2

After you have come to a complete stand still, remove the necessary tools from the back of your vehicle and loosen all wheel nuts of the damaged tyre with one turn using the wheel spanner.

Step 3

Safely secure the jack underneath the vehicle at the side of the damaged tyre.

Step 4

What you will need to do is to slowly lift the vehicle with the jack until you have reached the height to ensure that the tyre does not touch the ground any more.

Step 5

Loosen and remove all the wheel nuts of the tyre that is damaged.

Step 6

Remove the damaged tyre and replace the tyre with the spare tyre.

Step 7

Place the wheel nuts back in its position and tighten as much as you can with your hand.

Step 8

Lower the vehicle by using the jack and tighten the wheel nuts by using the wheel spanner.

Step 9

If you have a hubcap you can put this back on after the wheel nuts have been tightened or safely keep it in the boot of your car.

Step 10

Safely place the damaged tyre in a secure space in the boot of your car and pack away the tools used.

And you are all good to GO…….