How to extend tyre life!

Did you know, that it is possible to extend the life of your tyre? Follow these simple rules below:

Vehicles are no longer what they used to be 20 years ago. Engines are smaller, but more powerful. The suspension is a lot more sophisticated and sensitive. The ground clearance of these vehicles are also a lot lower than before. All these aspects directly affect the performance of the tyres.

Rule 1:

That is why it is important to introduce a rotation schedule into the general maintenance of the vehicle. Tyre rotation is performed by moving the front tyres to the rear, and rear tyres to the front. This is to increase the tyre’s life, and increase even and equal tread wear and usage.

Rule 2:

Another aspect to increasing tyre life is to maintain the tyre pressure that is recommended by the tyre dealer. Always make sure that a tyre pressure is recorded when the tyres are cold, as this will give you the most accurate reading, than that of a warm tyre, due to the increase of pressure when hot. Thirdly, performing alignment every 8000 to 10 000km will also increase your tyre’s life drastically.

Rule 3:

Aligning your wheel will ensure that your wheels travel in a straight line, thus reducing the drag on the tyres, removing the chance of irregular tread wear and less strain on the engine and gearbox. This in turn will result in less fuel consumption, saving you money and tyres.