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Dunlop is one of the most iconic and recognisable tyre brands in the world, with an unbroken history going back over 120 years.

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Friday, 13 September 2013
Dunlop Tyres SA

"A second Dunlop Zone has been opened in Kumasi, Ghana on September 11th 2013"

A second Dunlop Zone has been opened in Kumasi, Ghana on September 11th 2013. The function was inaugurated by Apollo Tyres Head of International Business Mr. A. Govind Ram and West African Tire Services MD, Mr. Vinay Kapoor.

This is the second Dunlop Zone to open in Ghana at an Engen filling station following the successful launch of the first store in March earlier this year. The company envisages extending its international footprint throughout Africa within the next five years.

The Dunlop brand of tyres is produced at plants in various countries including South Africa, Japan, India and Thailand, using the latest technology in the industry and the best of designs that is in line with the new generation of cars, buses and trucks from the automotive industry, many of which are prescribed Original Equipment (OE), by global vehicle manufacturers.

Currently, there are approximately 160 zones dotted around carefully selected locations in southern Africa. The Dunlop Zone is the official title of all accredited Dunlop tyre fitment and service centres. The zones’ distinctive layout and branding highlight the rich heritage and performance strengths of the Dunlop brand, which are instantly recognisable to consumers.

The Dunlop Zone store creates a modern, performance-related environment that matches the high performance of the Dunlop Tyres’ image. With its elegant reception and hospitality areas, lavish finishes and high-impact branding the Dunlop Zone offers outstanding levels of comfort and convenience, providing motorists with the world-class tyre buying experience they expect and deserve.

The Dunlop Zone concept is much more than just a tyre fitment centre; it is a contemporary shopping experience based on leading international trends that focus on offering customers the added value of comfortable interiors, premium customer service and performance-driven products.

Says Mr. Govind Ram, “We are confident that our second Dunlop Zone in Ghana fully embodies the ethos of the Dunlop Zone brand and we look forward in seeing these Zones thrive in this new untapped market.”

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