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Dunlop is one of the most iconic and recognisable tyre brands in the world, with an unbroken history going back over 120 years.

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Calling the thrill-seekers

Monday, 14 June 2021
Dunlop Tyres

"It is all about passion. Seeking out the thrills. The open road, the off-road adventure. Muddy riverbeds, sandy desert dunes, rocky mountain crags. Going off-road in search of the unexplored. You were born to be free. To drive wherever you want to go, not worrying if your tyres can handle the terrain. "

“In the words of the iconic song by Steppenwolf; ‘Get your motor runnin'. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure, in whatever comes our way,” Lubin Ozoux fellow adventure lover and CEO of Sumitomo Rubber South Africa says “It is time to get ready to take the road again this weekend, safe in the knowledge that you are truly prepared. Because with your vehicle fitted with Dunlop Grandtrek - you are.”

With the right tyres and your SUV or 4x4 fully loaded you can tackle the transition from tar to the dirt track with ease, with no concern for sidewall damage or inconvenient punctures, ejecting stones from the grooves as you go, crossing rivers and gripping steep slopes. No challenge to tough for these tyres. From hills and valleys, deserts, and woodlands, to grasslands, bushveld and mangrove wetlands, South Africa has many beautiful landscapes and habitats to uncover. It is time to head out and explore, confident that your tyres will hold their own and get you there safely.

“South Africa is ranked sixth out of the world’s seventeen megadiverse countries. The big five - the rhino, the lion, the elephant, buffalo and leopard and many other remarkable animals such as the Cape squirrel, wild dog and hyena are all just a few hours’ drive away,” Ozoux says. “Then there is the magnificent indigenous flora – fynbos, succulents, noorsveld, endless wild grasses, protea and acacia, Cape honeysuckle, the Yellowwood, the Stinkwood and so many more. SA is also a birders paradise, home to raptors and songbirds, Loeries and Hornbills, bee-eaters and oxpeckers. Living in Africa can be a never-ending journey!”

Whatever your appetite for adventure, your quest for thrills, South Africa has it all. With the comprehensive Dunlop Grandtrek range for every condition, you can get out there and explore with confidence that your tyres will handle any terrain you tackle – and survive.


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