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How to #Daycation like a seasoned pro in stunning Cape Town these holidays

Thursday, 14 December 2017
Dunlop Tyres SA
How to #Daycation like a seasoned pro in stunning Cape Town these holidays

"If you’re spending time in the Mother City over the break, our top tips for an amazing Cape Town #Daycation are guaranteed to have you exploring this spectacular city in style."

Well done! You’ve survived another tough year, and now it’s time to kick back and enjoy your thoroughly deserved holiday. And what better way to take in the wonderful summer air than by treating your family to an exciting day out in Africa’s most beautiful city?

To help readers make the most of their precious free time, we’ve partnered with the #SaferThanSafe team at Dunlop to craft a list of #Daycation tips that’ll have you exploring the southern tip of the continent like a seasoned pro.

OK, let’s go!

An Aerial View of Cape Town Stadium

Tip #1: Cape Town is the crown-jewel of SA tourism for good reason, and with so much on offer, you’ll have to be highly selective when it comes to choosing your top #Daycation spots. Word of mouth is always a great source of information, but so are tourism offices and, of course, the Internet. The more info you have, the more informed your destination choices will be.

Tip #2: Sticking to a budget is about as easy as explaining calculus to your neighbour’s cat. But it can be done. Do your research and enquire about entrance fees and other costs ahead of time. If a particular destination isn’t easy on your pocket, you’re guaranteed to find another option that’s just as awesome.

The Company’s Gardens, the Cable Way and Elegant Cape Dutch Architecture. Images: David Stanely

Tip #3: Ensure that you’re properly informed about operating hours. This one may seem obvious, but if you neglect it, you may find yourself uttering some pretty impolite words through clenched teeth.

Tip #4: Wear sunscreen, and make sure the little ones are well lathered up, too. Speak to your pharmacist about your best options, but remember that even a high SPF (e.g. SPF 50) doesn’t eliminate all UV radiation – which damages the DNA in your one-and-only skin.

Water Sports in Falsebay and Colourful Muizenberg

Tip #5: Driving with rowdy children can be distracting and dangerous. With a constant eye on road safety, Dunlop suggests keeping them well behaved and entertained by playing verbal car games. For example, there’s the classic “I spy with my little eye…” or even the alphabet game. Check out this useful list of tips for keeping kids busy and calm while travelling in the car.

Tip #6: Cape Town is, unfortunately, a highly congested city, so expect that there may be hold ups on your journey. The trick, however, is to research and plan your route well in advance. Google maps’ traffic volume function is exceptionally useful, but advice from locals can also be massively beneficial.

A Sunset View of Cape Town CBD and the Harbour

Tip #7: Whether using your own vehicle or a rental, never assume that everything is in working order. The crew at Dunlop point out that you should always personally check (amongst others): the water and oil levels; that the spare is inflated and that the jack is working; that the tyres are properly inflated and that the tread is safe; that the brakes, brake lights, headlights, reverse lights and indicators are working; that there is petrol in the car, and; that the windscreen wipers are adequate.

Do you have any top notch Mother City #Daycation ideas yet? We certainly hope so. Wherever they may take you, please ensure that you’ll be #SaferThanSafe on our dangerous roads these holidays by visiting your nearest Dunlop Zone, Requesting an Online Quote or by taking advantage of the super awesome Red Hot Rubber Sale.

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