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Experience Cape Town’s astonishing history on a #Daycation like no other!

Thursday, 14 December 2017
Experience Cape Town’s astonishing history on a #Daycation like no other!

"It’s no secret that Cape Town is widely regarded as one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations. So why not take a magical #Daycation and learn more about the Mother City’s truly incredible history?"

Trevor (the hero of our story) has finally decided to treat his wife, Thandi, and young daughter, Luleka, to a whirlwind tour of the beautiful and historically rich Mother City. But with so many important historical landmarks, monuments and museums on offer, where should our travellers begin? Being 100% behind local tourism, and with an eye on the necessity of road safety over the holiday season, Dunlop has asked us to help Trevor out with some fantastic #Daycation ideas.

Here we go!

The Cultural Heritage of an Ancient People

Rock Art at the Iziko South African Museum. Image: Heribert Bechen @

The San and Khoi are the original Capetonians, but unfortunately their intricate and complex culture was tragically marginalised once the first Cape Colony was established. Today, however, much is being done to ensure that these early South Africans have a place in contemporary society. For an unparalleled learning experience, Trevor could either travel 90km north of the city to the !Khwa Ttu, San Culture and Education Centre in Yzerfontein, or visit the Iziko South African Museum, where the fascinating tale of these original peoples is exquisitely exhibited.

Between East and West – The Cape of Storms

The Castle and a Memorial in the Company’s Garden. Images: Heribert Bechen

As is well-known, the Cape Colony first served as a halfway stop for Dutch ships on their way to the “East Indies”. From our present perspective, the project of colonisation is mired in extreme controversy, but knowing that it nonetheless forms an integral part of the South African saga, Trevor is keen to visit the numerous landmarks in Cape Town’s CBD.

The Houses of Parliament near the Company’s Gardens

The Castle of Good Hope dates back to 1666, and is today SA’s oldest functioning building. Within striking distance of the Castle are the Company’s Gardens, replete with colonial statues and even the most ancient pear tree in the country (it has survived since 1652!). Situated close to the gardens are our Parliament buildings, the Slave Lodge Museum, the National Library and the Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium.

Slavery, Oppression, Struggle and Freedom

The (now) Colourful Bo-Kaap. Image: SkyPixels

In stark contrast to the above-mentioned colonial statues are the histories of South Africa’s disregarded and oppressed populations (something close to Trevor’s heart). Going back several centuries, the marks of slavery can be found in the Castle, the Slave Lodge Museum and, indeed, in the (now) colourful and exceptionally vibrant neighbourhood of the Bo-Kaap. As the slave population was imported from Islamic South-East Asia, the Bo-Kaap hosts SA’s oldest and first Mosque (dating back to 1794). The Bo-Kaap Museum is also a must-see as it documents the history of the enslaved Cape Malay population.

The Iziko Slave Lodge Museum. Image: Helen Online

Jumping forward in time to the Apartheid years, the renowned District 6 Museum is a testament to the devastating effects of property dispossession. Of course, no historical Cape Town #Daycation is complete without a ferry trip to Robben Island – perhaps the most iconic representation of Apartheid’s brutal suppression of political opposition.

The Entrance to Robben Island

Enjoy Your #Daycation – And be #SaferThanSafe on the Roads these Hoildays

Wherever his family’s #Daycation may lead, Trevor has ensured that they’ll be #SaferThanSafe on SA’s dangerous roads over the holiday season. Follow in Trev’s sensible footsteps and visit your nearest Dunlop Zone, Request an Online Quote, or check out Dunlop’s phenomenal Red Hot Rubber Sale. Safe travels adventurers!

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