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Thursday, 23 November 2017

"Durbs is bursting with colourful and rare wildlife, so put down the TV remote and ready your family for a fantastic #Daycation in our stunning gem of a city."

Durban has a windfall of destinations that offer adventurers the whole package – bright exotic and indigenous bird species, warm Indian Ocean waters teeming with striking fish of all sizes, lushly green reserves replete with a buzzing natural ecology, sun-kissed beaches hosting a truly astounding variety of maritime creatures, and so much more!

So, in the spirit of all things #Daycation, the mad-about-Durban team at Dunlop have asked us to put together a short list of remarkable places that’ll undoubtedly make your day out with the family an absolute winner.

A diamond in the rough – The Umgeni River Bird Park

Witness the artistry of nature at the Umgeni River Bird Park

The bird park is a peerless haven of spectacular avian life. Situated on 3.5 hectares of emerald green sub-tropical landscape in an area that started life as a quarry, the Umgeni River Bird Park has been cultivated over 33 years to house a collection of more than 800 birds from over 200 species. Many of these aeronautical wonders can’t be found anywhere else on the African continent, and, as a cherry on top of everything else, the park presents an exciting free-flight show from Tuesday to Sunday every week.

Discover the pearl of Westville – Palmiet Nature Reserve

The king of the skies – an African Fish Eagle

At 90 hectares, the Palmiet Nature Reserve is, by South African standards, not at all large. But, quality always trumps size, and if you haven’t heard of the reserve before it’s because people keep the best things in life well hidden from others. On self-guided trails, you may hear the clear calls of majestic Fish Eagles or spot playful vervet monkeys, genets, duikers, bushbuck or even porcupines. The stage may be small, but the cast of characters will keep you thoroughly enthralled.

Africa’s oldest surviving botanical gardens

Paradise on earth. Durban Botanic Gardens

Founded in 1849, the Durban Botanic Gardens has survived tough times, and is today a corner of natural bliss that has managed to keep the urban jungle at bay. With a myriad of indigenous and exotic plant species, and proud trees that are over a hundred years old, the Durban Botanic Gardens is ideally suited to those up for an enchanting stroll before sitting down to lunch in the city’s premier picnic spot.

Durban’s one and only – Mitchell Park Zoo

A cotton-top tamarin and suricate at the Mitchell Park Zoos

Zoos aren’t for everyone; animals in cages can be a difficult sight. But, the Mitchell Park Zoo is leaps ahead in this regard, and the animals are well kept. Spurning the tradition of keeping large animals in small enclosures, the park has instead opted for diminutive faunas like flamingos, cranes, wallabies, small buck, raccoons, suricates, and cotton-top tamarins. Not to be missed are the truly astonishing Aldabra Giant Tortoises.

Be safe on your adventures

Have you made up your mind up about your ideal #Daycation in Durbs? Whatever you decide on, remember to be #SaferThanSafe on the roads these holidays and visit your nearest Dunlop Zone. Alternatively, check out Dunlop’s Red Hot Rubber Deal or Request a Quote Online easily and quickly. You may be glad you did!

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