• Add a month to your riding year.
  • Ride from Durban to Cape Town.
  • Take the long way home from work often.
  • Do yout favorite loop more times.
  • Spend a couple more weekends exploring new backroads.

  • MT Multi-Tread™ technologoy in the Q3+ rear tyre uses a silica-infused, long-wearing compound in the centre of the thread for over 20% longer thread life, and special lateral grip compunds on the left and right shoulders for outstanding grip.
  • The all-new Q3+ offers superb grip, stability, and steering feel with faster lap times on the track.
  • Only hypersport tyre made in the U.S.A, the Q3+ was designed at Dunlop's Buffalo, NY headquarters, and manufactured in the Buffalo plant on the same high-tech production equiptment as Dunlop's racing tyres.
  • Dunlop's Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) employed in the Q3+ uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the tyre sideways for exceptional cornering performance and feel.
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