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Dunlop's My Tyres app is the ideal place for you to manage your vehicle's tyres, find your nearest dealer, find the right tyres for your vehicle and request a quote.
My Tyres is packed with great utilities - it's never been easier to manage your vehicles and tyres, get reminders to renew your license or rotate your tyres, request a quote or get in touch with your local dealer.
License Disc Scanner
Never miss another vehicle license disc renewal. Capture and store your vehicle's details with our easy-to-use license disc scanner, and set a reminder for when it's time for renewal.
Manage your tyres
Taking care of your tyres has never been easier. Manage your vehicles and tyres in one place, set reminders to rotate and align your tyres, or search for the perfect Dunlop tyres for your vehicle.
Manage your vehicles
Set reminders to renew your vehicle's license, capture mileage logs and manage your tyres.
Request a quote
Get the best prices on tyres by requesting a quote from your nearest Dunlop dealer.
Find a dealer
Find your nearest Dunlop dealer with our handy map search. You can also add your preferred dealer, so they're always in your pocket.
Tyre range
Browse the complete Dunlop tyre range for detailed information and images to find the best tyres for your vehicle.