When to Change Your Tyres

Once your tyres have been on your car for five years, Dunlop recommends having them inspected properly at least once a year. Age deteriorates your tyres regardless of whether or not you drive on them, and it is recommended to get them replaced at the very least every ten years, even if they don’t look worn. Remember that tyre age is measured from the date of manufacture, not of purchase, as tyres wear even in storage.

When your tyre tread is worn down below 1mm

South African law says your tyres must have at least a 1 millimetre tread. If your tread falls below that figure, you risk hefty fines All Dunlop tyres have tread wear indicators in the tread pattern to show when the tread depth is worn. Without the correct tread, your tyres lose grip easily, and your vehicle becomes unsafe.

If you get a puncture

Some punctures can be repaired by specialists, so visit your nearest Dunlop Zone to check if your tyre can be repaired rather than replaced. If the puncture is irreparable, you’ll need to choose and fit a new tyre.

If your tyres are wearing irregularly

If your tyres haven't been properly aligned, inflated, or fitted, you may experience irregular wear. If this happens, it is best to replace the tyres as soon as possible, to prevent further wear, which can result in an unsafe drive.