Beyond the Desert Edge

Expedition #1: Fat Biking & Trekking

Beyond the desert edge

Adventurer Peter Van Kets will be tackling a gruelling off-road mountain biking route in September 2017, pedalling all the way from Serra Cafema - near the Kunene River mouth on the Angolan border - to Walvis Bay. An expedition entitled Beyond The Desert edge and proudly driven by Dunlop.

He will start off along the inhospitable edge of the Skeleton Coast National Park before crossing the dune fields into the desolate Hartmann’s Valley. From here, his ride will take him through the arid and remote Namibian landscape - passing via Brandberg and Spitzkoppe - en route to the finish at Walvis Bay, approximately three weeks later.

Along the way, Peter Van Kets will joined by adventure photo-journalist Jacques Marais, who will ride sections of the route with him while recording this incredible adventure.

One of the biggest challenges for the crew is the incredibly inhospitable terrain making the off-road driving on 2 new Isuzu 4x4s an adventure in itself. The expedition will be driven on Dunlop Grandtrek tyres - more specifically a hardcore, tough new addition to the Grandtrek range due to be launched early 2018. A true workout for a new pattern fresh off the production line.

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